Episode 5: Actress Kaley Ronayne

Kaley, Kevin, Joanna

Kaley, Kevin, Joanna at The Lambs.

This week our guest is Kaley Ronayne, a New York City based actress. Kaley has appeared on numerous TV series, including Gotham, Quarry, Nashville, NCIS, and Chicago P.D. In this episode, Kaley tells us what it’s like working in New York today, the differences between being in Los Angeles and Manhattan as an actor, and standing up for herself. Kaley is just one of those people that makes New York City great, and we are happy to have her on the show. And she’s funny! Meanwhile, Jo Holliday is getting ready for Atlantic City poker tournaments, and Kevin Fitzpatrick had something to do with replacing a missing American flag. Thanks for listening!

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